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About Felice St John

What you do for work should be a vehicle to make you a better version of yourself.

Darren Hardy

Life Coach

Hello, I am Felice St. John. (That’s pronounced like Felicity without the “ity”). I am so happy that you’re here because I love people, and I love my work as a coach.

I received my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and have been serving individuals as a leadership and life coach since 2009. I am certified as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). In addition to coaching, my professional background includes co-facilitating parenting classes and workshops, serving in fundraising leadership roles in East Harlem, NY and working in health care marketing and public relations. I earned an MA in Mass Communications/ Public Relations from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I also received a certification from Columbia University’s Institute for Nonprofit Management.

As a coach, I love partnering with my clients to help bring greater self awareness, remove blocks and make shifts to help them become more empowered. I bring calm and insight as a coach and am passionate about meeting new people and holding time and space for them them to discover and to live their purpose, professionally and personally. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, I now live in the lovely mountains of North Carolina with my husband and two children. I love quality time with loved ones, travel, reading, puzzles, hiking, pilates and continuing to learn from and grow from the many and varied adventures of life. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!