In my client's words...

Felice, you are so gifted!! Thank You for all the coaching you’ve done with me, to help me focus, stay motivated, and believe in my dreams.

Ellen D.

Over the last year, I made a number of changes both personally and professionally, including getting married, moving across the country and taking on a new job. When I first connected with Felice, I was at the cusp of making these decisions and was mired in a challenging work environment. I felt stuck and short-sighted. I was hesitant about my ability to navigate these changes and land on top professionally. Felice was invaluable in helping me to better understand how I was reacting to my environment, focus on productive paths forward and set a new vision for my future. I often got off calls with Felice with greater clarity on items I had been stewing over and with a plan of action. A year later, I am happy to say that I have a new job that very much aligns with the vision that Felice and I discussed months ago. It was not a linear path, but I made it! I am quite thankful to Felice for her support and coaching and would highly recommend her for someone who is facing a professional and personal transition.

Jessica K.

If anyone is looking for some clarity and direction in their career or life path, I strongly suggest Felice. She's well versed in helping people find and grow their authentic selves. I love having her as a friend, and even more so as a co-conspirator for making extra goodness happen in my life!

Elaine E.

When I began working with Felice, I felt at ease right off the bat. Felice has this calm presence and generous spirit. Not only could I immediately tell that she wasn't judging me, but I could sense again and again that she really cared about helping me get to where I wanted to be. This is because Felice truly understands people: the way that they tick and the blocks that may be preventing them from finding resolutions or reaching their goals. She gets you where you need to be by helping you think outside of the box. Felice has a way of asking you the right questions to help you get to answers that you didn't realize you already had. Working with Felice as my coach helped me see things in a new light. Thank you Felice, for coaching me! Anyone would be beyond lucky to have you as their coach.

Aliyah L.